About Bansko

Bansco is a place of unparalleled beauty and historical significance evoking
images of Bulgarian national identity, character and culture.The venerable pine
woods, the freshness of air, the proximity to the snow covered slopes, the
remains of an age-old culture and Enlightenment architecture have made
Bansco a luring destination for thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists.
The town is 925m above sea level.


How to get to Bansco?

By bus:

daily bus routes Sofia – Plovdiv;

By car:

Sofia – Blagoevgrad – Bansco – 150km( two and a half hours)
Plovdiv – Pazardzhik – Velingrad – Bansco – 150km(two and a half hours);

By train:

the narrow-gauge line from September Station (the only narrow-gauge
line operating in Bulgaria).
A 20-kilometre asphalt road winds up the mountain or one can take
the new chair lift to go higher.
There are over 130 places of cultural, historical and architectural
significance in Bansco and the vicinity.

Things to do in the summer:

– Sighseeing – visiting places of historical and architectural importance;
– Hiking up the mountain;
– Horse riding, cycling, hunting;
– Playing tennis, playing golf., sunbathing at some hot mineral springs.

Things to do in the winter:

– Skiing and ski running:
– Snowboarding;
– Snowboarding;
– Ice sliding.

Annual events:

– 01.January – traditional folk concert and
Koukeri carnival at the centre of town;
– 24-25.May – Authentic Folklore Festival “At the foot of three mountains”;
– 01-07.July – Theatre Festival;
– 08-13.August – International Jazz Festival;
– 21-28.August – Musical days;
– 21-25.November – International Mountaineering Film Festival.